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Tyrrell's Vat 11 2002 Baulkham Shiraz

Tyrell’s Vat 11 2002 Baulkham Shiraz, originally uploaded by Kevglobal.

I bought this wine at Sydney Australia Duty Free on my way back from a recent conference. The Duty Free shops in Australia are brilliant for good wine and good wine values.

I thought about buying a nice premium wine, such as D’Arenberg’s Dead Arm. But instead, I bought Suw a quite nice pare of opal ear rings set in white gold as a late wedding present. Instead, of buying something pricey, I decided to buy two bottles of moderately priced wine.

Fortunately, one of the sales staff at duty free also said that he was a judge at regional wine competitions, and he definitely seemed to know his stuff. I wanted to buy two bottles of good Aussie Shiraz, and he made a good point, which is that buying a Shiraz that had some time in the bottle was important. It being such a big wine, it needed some time to reach it’s peak.

He steered me in the direction this bottle of Tyrrell’s. He said that it was a special selection, with the winemaker choosing the grapes and using a special retro label that was like the style that he grew up with.

The wine was lovely. It is a very good representative of the meaty style of Shiraz that Australian winemakers are so good at making. It’s a huge red with a good balance, even tannins and acicity with a lovely smoky character. It’s a good wine with either red meat or mushrooms. Have plenty of water on hand because as Suw and I have found with so many Shiraz wines, it can leave your mouth a little dry. But a top bottle at a reasonable price.