Suw in Brugge

Suw in Brugge (from our first Christmas together)

Three years ago, I was in the US for two months to cover the elections. Suw and I had just been married in February, and she supported me in doing what I loved. (She also supported me in doing what I knew I had to do even when support and direction were in short supply from my keepers.) Being away for so for long, she made me a recording of her reading Neil Gaiman’s Stardust to me.

It helped me feel closer to home. Unless we’re too tired, we read to each other. We’ve read so many books to each other.

I’m travelling. Again. I’ve been travelling on and off since July, and after this almost solid five weeks of travel, I’ll be travelling on and off now through the end of the year. Thankfully, after these five weeks, I’ll be home almost as much as on the road.

While looking for something to watch or listen to, I found all of those recordings from Suw, made now three years ago. I’m listening to her again and feeling just that little bit closer to home, that little bit closer to her.