By Sir Mewton

This is my happy face because the Butler is coming home. I say this all the time on Twitter because he travels so much. The Staff doesn’t like it anymore than Grabbity and me, but she also says that he’s working hard for us so that soon we can have a house with a yard. We don’t know entirely what that means, but the Staff explained to us that a yard is like our balcony but much bigger and with real grass. That’s kind of exciting. I’d like a bit more room to chase sister Grabbity around.

We do miss him when he’s gone. The Staff is wonderful and everything, but she’s not as tall as The Butler. I can’t poke at the bugs on the ceiling unless the Butler is around. That’s my absolute favourite thing to do. He’ll be home tomorrow The Staff says. Yay. Apart from letting me play with the bugs on the ceiling, I’m also looking forward to cuddling him, but the Staff says that I have to get in line because she wants to cuddle him first.