I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this spam scam is, but it’s so odd in such a peculiarly fascinating way that I had to post it:

Good Day,
Am David James and will like to know if you do sell Ladders ? If you do then, I will like to know some of the types, sizes and price range of those that you have in stock at the moment. I As soon as you reply me with those information, I will get back you to with the quantity that will like to order so that we can proceed from there.

For the payment, i will like to know if you do take major credit card as method of payment?

Thank you and do not forget to include your Name and Phone number when getting back to me.


It’s probably just checking to see if the email account is active and valid. Apart from that, what possible purpose could it serve? Getting my name and phone number is like inviting a vampire into my house, but still, I can’t imagine that this is all that effective. Most people will just delete it immediately. We need more criminals like this, ineffectual and mildly entertaining.