Grabbity in a sea of whiskers, originally uploaded by Kevglobal.

OK, this is not yet another cat picture here on the blog just for the sake of yet another cat picture. There is a method to this cuteness. Suw and I bought a used Nikon D70 from a friend after we got married. He was kind enough to loan it to us for our honeymoon, and afterwards, he gave us an excellent deal on it.

Up until now, I’ve really had to work at it to get the kind of pictures that I wanted. It had some issues in terms of focus, and at times, I simply resorted to manual focus. Having used Nikon digital gear for a long time, I wondered if they had upgraded the firmware. They had, and one of the major benefits was better metering and focus. The results were immediate and stunning. I can tell the focus is working a lot better and a lot harder. I can hear it adjusting.

This was what I expected from a D-SLR, and it’s great to see the camera really shine.