• Software for High Dynamic Range photographs, which take bracketed images to merge the dynamic ranges across several photos to bring out the best tonal range across an image.
  • "One way to think of HDR is as a glorified neutral density filter. On a scene where the contrast is so intense that both highlights record as pure white and shadows as pure black (i.e. where the dynamic range of the sensor is too low to properly record the scene), its effect will be to darken highlights and brighten shadows so that details can be retained in each area. Two of its advantages over tradition ND filters are that it is a post-processing technique, necessitating no additional gear at capture time, and that the border between the darkened and the brightened areas can be much more complex than a simple straight line." An excellent article talking about the HDR technique and how it's achieved. The article also explains how to do this well and pitfalls with the technique.
  • "If Amazon is Santa, 400 folks living in RVs outside the Coffeyville, Kansas fulfillment center this winter are the elves.
    A few years back Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard flipped the bird to their desk jobs, packed their belongings in a custom 17-foot solar-powered fiberglass camper, and hit the road to live "at the intersection of Epic and Awesome." A couple months ago, while staying with friends, they noticed that Amazon was luring RVers to Coffeyville, Kansas, the site of the retail giant's original and largest fulfillment center."
  • A site that allows you to choose a number of applications, mostly free but some trial versions, to download for installation.
  • An online community for people in North America who own RVs (recreational vehicles like motorhomes and campervans) but who aren't the typical group of retired snowbirds.
  • A nice list from Gizmodo on new features in Snow Leopard such as address book syncing from the built in Mac address book and how to backup your Mac with any Networked Attached Storage.