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I’ve now lived in two capital cities for more than a decade. They are strange places. Most people there can’t conceive of how the rest of the world isn’t as obsessed about politics as they are. Not just that, but most of them think the social drama that plays out around politics is infinitely fascinating rather than what most people see it as, tediously juvenile. Strip away the power and the real impact that some of this soap opera has, and it really bears a striking resemblance to angst-y teenage self-obsession. It’s really best to maintain a healthy distance, which is why most people do.

This Family Guy parody isn’t just poking fun at political cartoons, it’s also poking fun at the bubble mentality of Capitol Hill in Washington and the Westminster Village in London. Unfortunately, I’ve lived in the bubbles so long, I might be one of the few people who will actually laugh at it. I think I need a new injection of perspective. Trip to the countryside anyone?