Recently, Suw and I went to Prague. We were staying just outside of the city centre, and after arriving on Saturday evening, we were looking for a place for breakfast on Sunday. Have you ever been at an event where you’re asked to describe your superpowers? I guess I have two super powers. Well, they’re not all that super, such as the ability to fly or stop speeding bullets, but they are super in terms of being super useful. Suw says that I have amazing ‘restaurant foo’. I can size up a restaurant and determine whether its good. Often, she sets a challenge based on the type of food she wants, the type of ambience and also the price range. It’s eerie sometimes how good my internal Zagat’s is. My other skill is Zen navigation. We’ve been to Prague three times now, but it was only this trip that I began to really learn my way around. I had read something about the Imperial Cafe the night before on a website suggested by someone on Twitter called Spotted by Locals. We came up the underground. I let the Zen navigation take over, and I spotted the Cafe Imperial. It’s definitely a place to go, for the food, the service and the glorious surroundings.

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