Suw's MacBook under destruction

Suw’s MacBook under destruction, originally uploaded by Kevglobal.

I actually deconstructed Suw’s old MacBook even more than this. At one point, to get at the inverter cable, I had to take out the hard drive (easy), the DVD drive (not quite as easy), and take apart the screen (quite difficult). The inverter cable, display cable, mic cable and iSight cable are crammed in a channel from the display very tightly. It’s no surprise that the display was flickering before finally giving up the ghost.

It took three or four hours and a lot of concentration and patience to put this all back together together, but now, it’s even better than the original with faster processors. I’ve got a temperature sensor programme telling me that it’s keeping itself cool. After 24 hours, everything seems in order, apart from the up key, which doesn’t seem to work. No worries, that is what two-fingered scroll is for. Thanks again to iFixit.com for their wonderful repair guides.

And here she is, running happily again. However, Suw and I agreed to rename her, Lazarus. Is there a feminine version of Lazarus? Lararina?

Suw\'s MacBook back from the dead