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Linux on an iBook via X11, originally uploaded by Kevglobal.

My friend Vicky claims that I do unnatural things like make Macs and PCs talk together. Although I doubt she would claim a religious bone in her body, she seems disturbed as if I have violated some fundamental law of nature. “Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.” Well, I am sure that I will really scare her now.

I’ve been playing with the Ubuntu distribution of Linux for the last three of four months. Suw is probably worried that I’m playing with the computer to avoid preparation for our wedding. But now I have a Linux tower in the corner that is serving as our music server and soon our TV server. It works great. And instead of loading Linux on our Macs, we just use X11 to run remote sessions on it. I’m surprised at how easy it is because I’ve been stymied by Linux in the past with all of the dependencies for software and the difficulty in updating it, but Ubuntu really has moved things forward with Linux.

X11 is definitely a great thing. I’m writing this post via Flickr using Firefox in an X11 window on my iBook. I probably could even do this so I could run sessions on our server in north London just about anywhere in the internet, but I need to get a little more comfortable with Linux security first. OK, that’s enough geeking out. I better get back to wedding planning.