Mushroom risotto from Exmouth Market
I walked into my favourite Italian deli up the street, Gazzano’s, only to find the queue stretching longer than than at a post office during the recent strikes. I was just about to head back dejected to the office canteen, when I thought to go up to Exmouth Market and see what was on offer. I often have a Breton galette or sometimes a veggie burrito, but this time I spotted the Sporeboys’ stand with a lovely basket of wild mushrooms and some risotto on offer. Yum.

There was only one problem with this, and that was Suw and I make mushroom risotto pretty frequently. Suw leaves me to saute the mushrooms in Amontillado sherry because it has such a lovely nutty character that really brings out the best

Wild Mushrooms on Exmouth Market

in the mushrooms. She makes the rice, and she’s got it down to a science. It’s pretty common for us to have this meal.

How did Sporeboys’ stand up? Well, I think they were being overly cautious with the salt. It was a little bland. As Suw pointed out, they were probably taking care not to use too much salt as it sat on a simmer for a long time. Oh well, I’ll remember to add a little extra salt to taste next time. But for a fiver, it was well worth it.

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