I’m in Singapore for a day on my way to Australia where I’ve got a speaking gig at X|Media|Lab Melbourne. I’m meeting with the follks behind STOMP – Singapore Times Online Mobile Print – an excellent mobile community site. They took me to this brilliant Chinese restaurant in a mall nearby. In the lobby, there were these large tanks with several types of fish. They looked like grouper to me, but I am hardly a fish expert.
They also had some lobster in tanks. I don’t know if  customers could choose their own fish or if they were just on display. The restaurant was impressive, and we ate in a small private room with a server who kept our cups full of jasmine tea. They also had quite an extensive choice of wine.

I needed the dinner after British Airways lost my luggage on the flight from Heathrow. I’m up early now to go out and buy some clothes to carry me through the day. Hopefully, I’ll be reunited with my luggage tomorrow when I fly to Melbourne.

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