Suw and I were shopping recently for greeting cards at a stationery store we really like in Covent Garden, when I saw this unfortunate bit of juxaposition. Great sympathy on the occasion of your civil ceremony?  What happened? Did the groom bolt at the altar? Or did the bride have problems ala Sixteen Candles? Did the families fight? Or was the wedding party placing bets on how long the marriage would last, with the longest bet coming in at a scant eight months? (True story, but the reference has been kept oblique to protect the innocent. Unfortunatly, the families in said unhappy union were competing to see who could spend more and in the process bought $150,000 of discord.) Get well soon after your bout of salmonella from the prawn cocktail at your reception?

Well, hopefully someone at the store will give the civil ceremony and sympathy cards their own rack space. It would be a shame to start off your civil ceremony on such a sour note.

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