One of the things that I miss living in London is Mexican food. Crazy Homies in Westbourne Park is good. It’s a bit LA fusion for my blood, but for lack of other options, it does the trick. The tequilla is hideously expensive, but then I have a soft spot for Patrón Añejo. About the only place that I can get that cheaply is across the border from Yuma Arizona, where my parents spend the winter.

Apart from the lack of options in London, Suw also can’t stomach spicy food, whether it’s Mexican, Thai or Brick Lane Vindaloo. That’s why I take the opportunity when Suw is travelling for work to indulge my love of Mexican food.

Now, strictly this isn’t Mexican food. As a matter of fact, the black bean recipe is Cuban, or so I was told more than a decade ago when I was looking for a cheap, just got out of university recipe. Garlic, onions sauteed until translucent, then some black beans and vinegar. I added a little tomato, some cumin and some cayenne. Last week when I made it, I added some pickled jalapeños. I guess it makes it a bit TransAtlantic that I use Welsh extra sharp cheddar. I also managed to get some tomatillo salsa at the Waitrose down the street. That was nice.

A little tequila would have been nice, but I can’t really get good tequilla here. Yeah, I can get some Cuervo, but unless I have fixings for margaritas, I prefer things like Patrón Silver or maybe a good reposado. (Go to Wikipedia to get the lowdown on tequillas.) Of course, Negra Modelo always is good to wash down the heat. I can get that at Crazy Homies or the Texas Embassy Cantina, a bizarrely named and placed restaurant near Trafalgar.

I wish that I could help Suw develop a taste for Mexican food, but this seems like an allergy thing not just a taste thing. She says that peppers make her ill. In having dinner with her parents, they’ve thought something was onfire spicy that I thought was refreshing.

But when Suw is away, I always indulge my taste for Mexican food and jazz. I guess that’s why we work. We can have different tastes in food, music and a fair few other things, but we still give each other space to be ourselves.

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