Dia de los muertos altar at Crazy HomiesSuw doesn’t like spicy food. In fact, she actually says that she is allergic to capcasins.

I’m just the opposite. I love spicy food. My father got his MBA at East Texas State University, and I joke that I was weaned on chili. That’s a bit of an overstatement, but I love hot food, especially Mexican food. When Suw asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said a good Mexican meal. Those aren’t that easy to come by in London, although if someone knows a place that I don’t know about, please leave me a tip in the comments. (Oh yes, and the Texas Embassy Cantina doesn’t count.)

One of the few places that I’ve found is Crazy Homies in Westbourne Park. It feels a little too much LA to me, but the food is good, and I can get my favourite Mexican beer there, Negra Modelo. Suw, despite her dislike of hot food, took me there for my birthday last night. Hot food, good beer, and a shot of Patrón Añejo (very dear, but it was a celebration) to chase it all down. Here’s to another year.