OK, that is a bit of strange blog post. I’ll call it my 90s band name post where you take two random words, mash them together and come up with a band name. I just found this nifty little blog band name generator, typed in my name and came up with: The Hindu Vamps. Excellent. I knew that the lack of a good band name was the only thing holding up my musical career. No, it would have absolutely nothing to do with any lack of musical skill.

At any rate, Suw and I along with friends Phil, Fiona and Karina took a walk in the Chilterns yesterday. Really wonderful walk. The bluebells were out, and the forest floor was blanketed with these gorgeous blue flowers. Getting out of London was just what I needed. I am still not used to this English concept where walking in the country always ends up at a lovely pub. I think more Americans (and I am one for those who don’t know) would take up walking if it was from pub to pub, as is the case here in England.

Ghosts. Well, there are many kinds of ghosts, and I’ve been visited by a few today. I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts this morning on the way to work – the Village Voice’s Voicebox Noise from the Front. I immediately recognised the voice but had to Google some lyrics that I dimly remembered from a song I used to sing: Sweet Miranda brings me the wine. (I know what my long time friends are thinking. But that’s a ghost from an entirely other time.) Michael Penn! (Warning, that website is not only shiny, it’s also very confusing.) He’s the musical brother of Sean Penn. That brought back some memories. I used to be be able to sing almost every song off of the album March. Just looking at the lyrics to Innocent One, the fragment that came to mind this morning brings back a rush of images from the past.

And speaking of ghosts of another time and kind, I’m offering up prayers and other offerings to the tech gods as g4u – Ghost for Unix – tries to copy the contents of my old laptop hard drive to a new laptop hard drive. It’s an open-source version of Norton’s Ghost. It’s stopped at 8 gigs copied once already, but a second go is up to 14 gigs. Very promising, even if the drives are making very disturbing noises. Oh well, it’s time to go to sleep and see what ghosts visit me to close out this Monday that I could have done without.