The model for Suw's ringIt came in time for Valentine’s Day, just as Nigel, our friend who is making the ring, wanted. Suw is traveling today so I placed the stones in the ring and took this picture so that Suw could get a look. She will suggest a few changes, but she was really happy to see the ring with the stones in.

A friend of mine was cross with me that Suw was actually choosing her own ring. Hey, we’re a user-generated content kind of couple so why not crowdsource her ring?

I’m really happy that a friend is making the ring, and that we’re getting a say in how it looks. It’s based on Suw’s great-grandmother’s ring. That one is so worn that the metal is just a thread on one side. I love the citrine’s. They will go so well with the amber that Suw loves so much. This is only a silver model. After we’re happy with it, Nigel will cast it in white gold. Exciting!

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